Bacon Care of Business

Peppered Bacon

What real bacon looks like.

A few days ago, I waxed my disdain with so-called Canadian bacon. It was not bacon. It was fancy ham. People lambaste Spam all the time for being some sort of fancy ham, but I think it’s because they’ve never encountered Canadian bacon. At least Spam doesn’t try to sell itself as any other sort of deli meat.

I had some peppered bacon for breakfast this morning. The exterior was coated in cracked black pepper and was lightly smoked. It was cut into slices about 2 mm thick. It was a harmonious balance of salty, fatty, and crispy, baked to glorious perfection. I know what you’re thinking: “Baked bacon?” Yeah. I’m trying to be healthy here.

Peppered bacon is typically reserved for a steakhouse setting. You would usually use it to bard larger cuts of meat like roasts or even steaks to help keep them moist and juicy during cooking. For further reference on barding, I suggest you consult the Epic Meal Time series.


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